Operational Security



Who this course is for

For individuals who have completed the 'Introduction to Covert Intelligence & Tradecraft' or have basic other knowledge.

Operational security officers are employed to protect your organisation, the personnel, the tactics along with the intelligence gathered during an operation and it is imperative they are provided the correct training to ensure their fulfill their role.

The Operational Security course explores best practice, policies, procedures and reporting processes for compromises or breaches in security. At the end of the course students will understand the risks with personnel, intelligence leakage, physical security along with cyber security.

Course objectives

  • To understand the overall risk to Covert Operations and how to minimise them
  • To understand the development of Operational Security Policies and Procedures
  • To understand the role of the OPSY
  • To understand the role requirements for operatives with their skills and ability
  • To understand the importance of vetting, background checks and digital footprints
  • To learn how to create a risk register and record incidents
  • To understand processes for escalation and extraction of operatives abroad
  • To understand physical, cyber, operative and material security.

Course details

Duration:  2 weeks

Cost: On application

Study type: Classroom-based

Entry requirements: Introduction to Covert Intelligence and tradecraft or other basic knowledge.

Max no. of students: 12

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