Agent Handling - Stage 1



Who this course is for

Stage 1 of the Agent Handling course is designed to teach best practice, related tradecraft and procedures in how to identify, recruit and manage informants/agents for operatives that have not experience in this discipline.

This course explores not only the practical aspects of recruitment and engagement with informants, but also the ethical issues and motivations, along with the risk attached in running informants and meetings.

Course objectives

  • To understand sources of information and intelligence
  • To understand the National Intelligence Model, analytical techniques and intelligence products
  • To provide knowledge and skills in the tradecraft for identifying, recruiting and handling Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Agents)
  • To understand how to undertake risk assessments
  • To understand recording, sanitising and use of covertly acquired intelligence.

Course details

Duration:  2 weeks

Cost: On application

Study type: Classroom-based

Entry requirements: Completion of Introduction to Covert Intelligence & Tradecraft

Max no. of students: 12

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