Covert Search & Baggage Search



Who this course is for

This course is designed for students with a good knowledge and skills level in the defeat of most basic padlocks and combination locks found on most types of baggage and suitcases, ensuring that they can carry out covert searches at airports, transport hubs etc.

It will provide delegates with the skills to apply a systematic search and recording method that ensures they conduct the search professionally and surreptitiously.

On completion of this course students will have the knowledge and mechanical skills to conduct a detailed covert search of a number of scenarios including buildings, containers, vehicles and outside hides.

Course objectives

  • Gather the best evidence or intelligence
  • Gather information required to deploy technical equipment at a later date
  • Develop the skills of covert baggage searches
  • Train basic padlock and combination defeat skills to ensure access to all types of baggage and suitcases.

Course details

Duration:  1-2 weeks

Cost: On application

Study type: Classroom-based

Entry requirements: Suitable for specialist personnel

Max no. of students: 12

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