Major Incident Management



Who this course is for

Suitable for police officers of all ranks involved in operational management of major incidents.

This course will equip the participants with the ability to manage all aspects of a complex major incident.

The leadership and policing issues required for such events are complex and challenging to the individual and the organisation with possible far reaching consequences should a major incident develop.

Thorough examination of the leadership and communication skills, phases of a major incident and resource requirements needed will better enable the leaders involved in a major incident to move from managing a disaster to a return to normality.

Training is delivered by highly experienced former officers with a wealth of experience in the command of a variety of major Incidents including terrorist attacks.

Course objectives

  • To develop an understanding the definition of a major incident
  • To develop effective leadership capability in a crisis
  • To develop an understanding of Command and Control
  • To develop effective Scene management knowledge and skills
  • To develop effective decision-making and communication knowledge and skills
  • To develop an understanding of key roles and responsibilities of major incident management
policing major security incidents

Course details

Duration:  2 weeks

Cost: On application

Study type: Classroom-based

Entry requirements: Suitable for officers of all ranks involved in operational management of major incidents

Course achievement: Top 2% certificate of attendance

Max no. of students: 12

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