Businesses & Banking Development



Who this course is for

The business and banking development course is designed as the follow-on for students that have attended the Framework and Infrastructures course.

This course explores the complexities of company formations within this country and abroad, along with the types of companies and the complex system of banking.

This course is designed to offer organisations a system to develop their own covert infrastructure or can be used as a refresher course for existing infrastructures.

Course objectives

  • To understand how to develop businesses to form client’s infrastructure
  • To create client’s network chart
  • To understand advanced backstopping and compromise procedure
  • To understand banking and backstopping
  • To understand the requirements for policy development.

Course details

Duration:  2 weeks

Cost: Based on duration

Study type: Classroom-based

Entry requirements: Covert Framework and Infrastructure

Max no. of students: 12

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