Level 2 Conflict Resolution and Controlled Intervention (CRCI)



Who this course is for

This course is suitable for staff working in public facing sectors, inc the railway, public transport, schools, prisons etc as well as anyone having a customer facing role.

It can be a useful qualification for individuals who would like a better understanding of how to prevent conflict situations arising and feel more confident in being able to deal with situations if they arise.

Students will be assessed via formative and summative assessment where the trainer will set up a number of practical scenarios that the learners will manage.  Success will be based on the learners ability to demonstrate competence on more than one occasion to the trainer, the techniques that have been delivered. The techniques are similar to ones used in Sussex Partnership NHS foundation Trust that are used to gain control of an individual without the need for pain to gain compliance.

Course objectives

  • To understand how communication can be used to solve problems and reduce the likelihood of conflict arising
  • To understand the factors that might influence human responses in conflict situations
  • To assess and reduce risk in potential conflict situations.
  • To develop the skills to de-escalate conflict in emotive situations.
  • To help students apply good practice, policies and procedures following a conflict situation
  • Describe what is meant by violence in the workplace
  • List reasons why force may justified
  • State what is meant by a dynamic risk assessment
  • Identify the implications of using force
  • Describe common law in relation to self-defence and Section 3 of the Criminal law act 1967
  • Identify human rights implications and the term PLAN when considering to use force
  • Explain what is meant by positional asphyxia and how to identify and avoid when someone is suffering from this condition
  • Demonstrate a number of breakaway and physical intervention techniques

Course details

Duration:  2 days

Cost: On application

Study type: Classroom

Course achievement: Level 2 award

Max no. of students: 12

Course Consultant: Colum Price

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