Behaviour Awareness Training



Who this course is for

A unique course bespoke to the railway sector and aimed at all forward facing rail and security staff.

The course equips students to recognise behavioural indicators often exhibited by potential terrorists and criminal offenders when planning and preparing to offend.

The course prepares students to be able to assess situations and make a measured and rational decision as to further action required and potential escalation to the police service.

Course trainers are all experienced crime and security operatives and qualified trainers.

This course is underpinned by accreditation from the University of South Wales.

Course objectives

  • To develop an awareness of the behavioural indicators often exhibited by criminals and terrorists during the pre-planning, preparation and commission of offences on the railways;
  • To understand the importance of assessing the behaviours observed before committing to further action;
  • To develop the skills to approach a person who by way of their behaviour warrants further investigation;
  • To develop interviewing techniques and behavioural indicators (including verbal and non-verbal indicators) of deception;
  • The develop an awareness of racial profiling, behaviour indicating anti-surveillance methods being adopted, examination of photographic identification produced and an up to date appreciation.

Course details

Duration:  2 days

Cost: On application

Study type: Classroom and practical application in the field

Entry requirements: 10 credits towards Lifelong Learning with the University of South Wales

Max no. of students: 12

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